Number of rooms
Japanese-style rooms: 24; Western-style rooms: 2; Japanese-Western-style room: 1 (Total number of rooms: 27)
Spring quality
Simple alkaline hot spring (hypotonic alkaline hyperthermal spring)
Hot spring
Natural hot spring (transported from source)Spring source: Yuhigaura Onsen
Open-air bath (Women’s bath: 1, Men’s bath: 1 Indoor bath (Women’s bath: 1, Men’s bath: 1) Jacuzzi
Free Wi-Fi service (lobby and all guest rooms)
From 3:00 pm
At 10:00 am
Shuttle service
Available to and from Kinosaki Onsen Station on the JR San’in Line Reservations required
Free 37 cars
Cancellation fee
If you need to cancel your reservation, please inform us by phone.
2 to 7 days before stay: 30% of the accommodation rate
Previous: 50% of the accommodation rate
Day: 100% of the accommodation rate
No show without notice: 100% of the accommodation rate
Accepted credit cards

Hot spring (large bath)

Enjoy soaking in a hot spring and a forest at the same time in Hidamari’s open-air bath that is surrounded by lush greenery.
Open-air bath (women)/image
Large bath, indoor bath/image
Hidamari Onsen (transported from source)
Hidamari Onsen is also known as the “hot water of beauty” because of its skin smoothening properties.
Name of spring source: Yuhigaura Onsen
Spring quality: Simple alkaline hot spring (hypotonic alkaline hyperthermal spring)
Temperature: 42°C (spring source); 42°C (use location)
Properties: slight turbidity due to protein, tasteless, slight hydrogen sulfide odor

[Not recommended for]
acute disease (particularly when feverish), active tuberculosis, malignant tumor, serious cardiac disease, respiratory failure, renal failure, bleeding disease, serious anemia or other progressive diseases in general or pregnancy (in particular, in the first and final trimesters)

[Recommended for]
nerve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, stiff shoulders, motor paralysis, stiff joints, bruises, sprains, chronic digestive disease, hemorrhoids, poor ciculation, recovery after illness, and promotion of health

Contraindication for drinking: none
Benefits from drinking: none

*The hot spring is circulated and filtered

Guest rooms

Special room(Japanese-Western-style room)/image
A special room combining Japanese and Western tastes for a fashionable and modern flair. The large window that spans the entire surface of the wall allows you to experience a feeling of freedom like never before. On clear sunny days, the room is brightly lit without the need for turning on the lights. Relax in a massage chair and revitalize yourself, while viewing the fresh greenery of the surrounding trees.
Special room/twin + Japanese-style room (capacity: 5 persons), with a toilet with bidet functions
[Comfort amenities exclusive to special room]
●Massage chair ●Coffee maker ●Refrigerator, (free soft drinks) ●Negative ion hairdryer ●POLA Esthe Royer skincare products
Japanese-style room/image
Authentic Japanese-style room
From your window, vivid green trees extend outward, and the majestic Maruyama River gently flows in the distance - a sight that is sure to bring you tranquility.
(The Maruyama River cannot be viewed from some rooms)

Japanese-style room: 6 to 10 tatami mats (approx. 10-16 m2) (capacity: 2 to 5 persons), with a toilet with bidet functions
*Rooms are made available according to the number of guests staying.
Spacious Japanese-style room/image
Relaxing, spacious Japanese-style room
for 6 to 10 persons.

A Japanese-style room of 17.5 to 20 tatami mats (approx. 28 to 32 m2) will be made available according to the number of guests staying.

Japanese-style room: 17.5 to 20 tatami mats (capacity: 6 to 10 persons), with a toilet with bidet functions *Rooms are made available according to the number of guests staying.

Western-style room with terrace/imagee
Guest rooms with twin beds
Fashionable, modern and spacious rooms with a large window and terrace. Enjoy an incredible feeling of freedom and lots of sunshine.
Cherry blossom viewing from the terrace during cherry blossom season is highly recommended.
Western-style room/twin beds (capacity: 2 persons), with a toilet with bidet functions
Wheelchair-accessible Western-style room/image
Wheelchair-accessible room with twin beds
This room is a spacious Western-style room designed to be accessible to disabled guests who use a wheelchair.
Western-style room/twin beds (capacity: 2 persons) with a bath and toilet with bidet functions

Room amenities
TV, Refrigerator, Wi-Fi (free), Hair dryer, Yukata (casual kimono), Bath towel, Feather comforter, Toothbrush set, Shampoo, Rinse, Body soap (available at the large bath)

Hotel Facilities

Lobby and Terrace/image
A spacious lobby featuring a large glass wall. Outside of the window beyond the stairwell in the large space that connects to the 2nd floor, is a garden full of greenery and a terrace with a wooden deck. This free space is for everyone to enjoy. Make yourself at home and have a wonderful time, while surrounded by lush green mountains and fresh air.
After-bath corner/image
Yukata set/image(fee required)
Table tennis/image(fee required)
Tennis courts (3 courts)/image (fee required)
(fee required)
Kinosaki Onsen Town/image
(about 7 minutes by car)
Keinohama Beach/image
(about 3 minutes by car)


One of the greatest pleasures of traveling is, of course, “cuisine.” Next to the small island where the hotel is located is Tsuiyama Fishing Port, which is also known as “Kinoshita’s Kitchen.”
While the fishing port is famous as the place where the San’in region’s brand crab, “Tsuiyama Crab” is landed in winter, you can also enjoy a diverse variety of seasonal and freshly landed seafood at Tsuiyama Fishing Port all year round.
And the ingredients from the fishing port are only the beginning - the Tajima area of the San’in region is also known for “Tajima Beef,” a delicacy that is famous across Japan.
Tajima Beef is derived from the breeding cattle of famous Japanese Wagyu (beef cattle) raised throughout Japan (such as Kobe, Matsuzaka, and Omi Wagyu) and is a Japanese black breed that is famous for its high quality. Tajima Beef is a one-of-a-kind, luxurious food item of this area
Enjoy “Hidamari’s” specialty meals that we prepare with carefully selected ingredients!


[When arriving by car]
From the Osaka/Kobe areas (about 3 hours)
Chugoku Expressway Yoshikawa JCT → Maizuru Wakasa Expressway Kasuga IC → Kitakinki-Toyooka Expressway, Yoka-Hyonosen IC → via National Route 312 → arrive at Hidamari
From the Kyoto area (about 3 hours)
Kyoto-Jyukan Expressway Tanba IC → National Route 9 → National Route 426 → arrive at Hidamari
From the Himeji area (about 2 hours and 30 minutes)
Chugoku Expressway Yoshikawa JCT → Chugoku Expressway Fukusaki IC → Kitakinki-Toyooka Expressway, Yoka-Hyonosen IC → via National Route 312 → arrive at Hidamari
[When arriving by train]
Get off at Kinosakionsen Station on the JR San’in Main Line → Hidamari shuttle bus available (reservations required)
[When arriving by plane]
From Osaka International Airport (about 1 hour and 30 minutes)
Osaka International Airport → (JAC) → Kounotori Tajima Airport → (Zentan bus) → Toyooka Station → (JR San’in Main Line) → get off at Kinosakionsen Station
[When arriving by bus]
Zentan bus
From Osaka: (depart from Hankyu Sanbangai) About 3 hours and 30 minutes
From Kobe: (Kenchomae bus stop) About 3 hours and 30 minutes
[Car rental]
Convenient car rental services are available!!
Nippon Rent-A-Car, Miyazu Amanohashidate Branch
1 minute walk from the North Exit of Miyazu Station
(the next station from Amanohashidate Station, 5 minutes by car)
(Inquiries) 0772-22-0382
Nippon Rent-A-Car, Toyooka Ekimae Branch
(100 meters north of JR Toyooka Station) (Inquiries) 0796-23-9080